"Beauty" becomes an idol

Do you know any clothing companies that sell pretty modest clothes? Comment below! Your sister is in need!

When choosing a quote for the photo, I was searching through quotes about dressing modestly and I didn't like any of the ones I found. Even though I agree with what most of the quotes said, I don't find them particularly encouraging. Maybe you will, so it's worth looking into. God speaks to each of us in different ways.

Anyways, to solve my quote problem I reflected on what dressing modestly means for me and one thing that I found was that dressing modestly cannot be solely a decision lead by my head, but one lead by my head and heart. As I shared on Saturday, it's okay to start at the head, but if we don't find a deeply personal WHY, our actions become dry and leave us feeling frustrated and pressured.

My experience with modest dressing has been the exact same thing.

Going from wearing very little to forcing myself to wear clothes that I don't like for the sake of modesty, I am trying to find a gentle, middle ground where I enjoy what I wear and respect the sacredness of my body with a convicted heart.

One of the things that spoke to me, in this regard, was an episode of "Chosen", a TV series about the gospels (highly recommend, particularly if Jesus feels far from you). In the seventh episode, Jesus asks a man to follow Him, and the man expresses a lot of concern over everything he would "have to" give up in order to follow Jesus (side note, the use of the words "I have to" can be a sign of needing a better WHY). Anyways, rather than being offended or demeaning, Jesus lovingly replies to this man's concerns about sacrifice saying:

"I understand (…) Its true, there's a lot you would have to give up, but what you would gain is far greater and more lasting"

This really sunk into my heart and I've been able to start applying it to the clothes I buy.

Putting outfits together, being creative with makeup and hair can be really fun, and in and of itself is not wrong (it's also not wrong if you're not into any of this!). Let's put more of our focus on being better disciples today than we were yesterday. Let's allow beauty to point us God rather than letting "beauty" become an idol.

During any of your routine tasks today reflect on what Jesus said to the man and see how it fits into your life, whether in the realm of modesty or elsewhere.

Today, strive to be the best disciple you can be.

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