Be Open To His Plan

Sometimes, we have conversations with God that look a lot like what you would hear taking place between a father and daughter.

"To be honest Lord, I'm really tired of..." "Lord, why won't you just give me a sign that he's the one?" "I want to change careers. Please tell me that's the right thing to do."

And we sit there and listen. We pour our hearts out with honesty, sometimes even frustration, and then sit back and wait for His response.

But have you ever done that, secretly hoping that His response is exactly what you yourself desire?

I know I have. And in that moment I can't help but wonder... Is that really listening?

My sisters, when we are honest with our Father in heaven, we MUST be prepared for His honest response back to us. Sometimes, actually, oftentimes, it may not be anywhere near what we ourselves desire. But we must be open to that because it is for in His will that we will find the fullness of joy.

So today, as you sit back with your cup of coffee to brace the day, take a moment in silence to listen. But not just waiting for Him to speak to your heart, but also with an openness to His desire for your life.

It is there that you will be sanctified.

Wishing you a beautiful day, Kasia

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