Be kind

So often when I look back at myself, I'm incredibly self critical of some of the choices that I made or the things that I wasn't able to do. But while learning to love myself, I am learning that I need to love every aspect of myself. Even the past me who didn't know the things that I know now. I find that we can be the most critical of ourselves. We see our own faults more than anyone else can. We nitpick our bodily imperfections, our shortcomings or the things that we have said in the past. Today, I want us to start being kinder to ourselves. Be kind to your past self, who needed to learn the lessons that you now know. You wouldn't be were you are today, if it wasn't for her. Forgive your past self for your mistakes. And remember, let things lie in the past. Tomorrow is a new day, a new opportunity to grow and change! Have a blessed Sunday. Praying for you all. In Christ, Diana

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