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Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Happy Thursday Ladies! and Happy St. Valentine's Day!!! ❤ You would think that given today's day I would be pulled to write a post with a more Valentine's direction...but for some reason the Holy Spirit enlightened me with this thought to share with you ladies!!!

Yesterday when I was at daily mass I was browsing through the daily missal and I came across this quote: "Each generation is converted by the saint who contradicts it most." -G.K. Chesterton

Quite the loaded statement if you ask me!!! But when I thought more about it...look at the saints of our past. St. John Paul 2, Blessed Chiara, St. Augustine...heck look all the way back to Jesus himself! They all had this same thing in common...they went against the current of society and followed God's current!

This is why this particular picture also struck me with this post, because yes it might mean that we are upside down in reference to society, but there is so much power and peace that can be found in that. And if we really think about it...with God we are always right side up, society becomes upside down!

A friend once told me that "only dead fish go with the flow and follow the current, but live strong fish swim upstream and FIGHT the current." My dear sisters, we are pushed with waves of the society's current every single day. Those waves will continue to push us, Christ himself warned us about that. But what we have...IS THE HOPE THAT WE HAVE ALREADY WON!

Sometimes we just need to be like Dori from Finding Nemo and "just keep swimming, just keep swimming!" But when those moments come when the current is too strong, or we have no strength to swim on...let us be like St. Therese and find that lifeboat (elevator) that God has placed for us. That lifeboat my dear sisters...are his arms!

So today, and the next days, when you feel like you are upside down remember to be that saint that follows God's current, and not society's!

...and always remember to do it with JOY! There is one characteristic that ALL the saint's had...and that was JOY! They had joy in their trials, joy in their suffering...why? Because they had CHRIST IN THEIR HEARTS and with him every trial, every suffering becomes redemptive and is turned into a blessings for all!!!

Sending you lots of love and joy on this day!!!


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