Be Child Like

You were once a little girl. Not too long ago...

And to God, you are still that little girl.

Do you remember the wide-eyed innocence of childhood? Learning, laughing, trusting, with dreams that seemed limitless. Experiencing joy was as simple as going to the park to play. We loved with all our hearts, lived with passion and energy, excited about the world around us.

But somewhere along the way, we lost that innocence, that trust. The ugly side of the world started to reveal itself.

Maybe you were betrayed, hurt, lied to, bullied, leaving that blank slate slightly tarnished, never to be the same again. And you kept living life as that little girl, but life continued to show this ugly side of itself and slowly, day by day, that little girl grew up. That wide-eyed innocence was now gone and in its place was a guarded heart.

But it's you; you were once that little girl. And though the world has left its marks, that little girl is still a part of you.

As daughters of Christ, we are truly that: His daughters, His little girls. In His eyes we are still the wide-eyed children, completely and fully dependent on Him.

I’ve always been struck by this passage in the Bible...

"And he said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 18:3).

The things of this world are not of His kingdom and can often leave us feeling empty and despaired. But the Lord is calling both you and I not to dwell on worldliness and instead turn our eyes towards Him, becoming the little children He sees us as. He desires for us to live our lives as the little girls we once were.

This doesn't mean naive by any means, but instead to be as trusting, loving, and joyful as we once were. To be women of God is to truly embrace the virtues that are the fruits of living the fullness of our calling.

Sisters, each day we look at ourselves in the mirror. But when was the last time that you REALLY looked?

Today, take a moment and look yourself in the eyes. Remember, that although our faces and bodies change with age, our eyes never change. Those eyes are the same ones that you had as a little girl. Look at her and remind her that it's okay to trust harder, let go of control, love a little deeper, and embrace joy without fear.

It's okay.

It's okay because you have a Father that loves you without limits, that will protect and guide you every day of your life. And to Him, that little girl never went away.

With love, Kasia

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