Be a Saint!

“Holiness consists simply in doing God's will, and being just what God wants us to be.” - St. Therese of Lisieux

Happy Monday my dear sisters!

This past weekend I was running the children's program for a retreat. The topic I decided to focus on was "Be a Light, Be a Saint". I was asking the kids questions about who is a saint, what does it mean to be a saint, but when I asked the question how do we become saints, one girl raised her hand and answered so perfectly! She said, "To do God's will".

So many times we feel that in order to become a saint it consists of a very complex path. Holiness is SIMPLE! It is simply doing God's will and being the person God created us to be. Does that make it easy? Of course not. But the path is very simple! When we look at the saints, that is how they strived to live their life. It looked very different for every single one of them because they all are different and unique in how they do God's will.

The same is for all of us. The path that God set out for us and the person God wants us to be will be very different...but the driving force will be the same for all of us.

To be holy, to be a saint...mean's doing God's will in our lives! It's that simple.

Take that one step closer to holiness today ladies!

Blessings, -Sandra

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