Be a living witness, and do not fear!

With the current situation of the world, I went out yesterday morning to buy some bread. As I was walking to the store, I was saying a quick prayer and was going to do a sign of the cross. I waited as this elderly couple passed by me, so that they wouldn't think I was completely crazy and living in complete fear. But little did I realize, someone else was watching me.

When I went up to the cash register, the cashier said to me, "I saw you walking in, and I saw you make the sign of the cross. When you did that, peace over came me, because I have been feeling so anxious with everything that has been happening."

It didn't even cross my mind that my simple little act, in my quick prayer of protection, could make an impact on another's life.

My sisters, let us never feel ashamed to live out our faith. Especially in times like these, where we need to be a living witness of our faith to every person that we encounter.

Let’s spread God, in a world so terrified that it needs to know that God is always present and will never abandon His children.

When you go out into the world, bring Christ with you. In your Church communities, the grocery stores, in your places of work and anywhere else that you may go today.

Be a living witness, and do not fear! God is always with us.

In Christ,


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