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I would have to say that recently the most favourite part of my day has been my morning coffee time with God. Since the new year I wanted to get back into a better prayer routine and I had this pull to go back to Scriptures. I remember when I still lived at home I would always have "Coffee with Jesus" and it was such a beautiful time! I missed that and wanted it back. These first few weeks of January have been slower for me which allowed me to be more at home during the day. After I have breakfast with my husband and he leaves for work I would make myself a coffee (or tea), light a candle and just listen to God's word through the daily Gospel readings. As I was thinking about it today it's pretty amazing how God continues to grab our attention in so many different ways. Sometimes I'll read passages that I know very well but God brings my attention to one word or one phrase maybe that I never noticed. And sheds light on a completely new discovery for me. Sometimes He grabs my attention with the simplicity and beauty of the sunrise. God knows that I have a soft spot for the beautiful colours of a sunset or sunrise. After days of waking up to the gloomy grey sky, there might be one morning when I wake up and there is this bright orange and red light just bursting through my window. If we really take the time to notice, God is constantly trying to grab our attention. You can even say that He is romancing us, pursuing us, constantly trying to awaken our heart and draw us closer to Him. How is God grabbing your attention today? Walking Together, Sandra

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