Authentic Friendships

I was praying with a young girl last week and when I asked her if she had an intention on her heart that she wanted to pray for she said, "I want to pray for friends. I don't have any good friends in my life." My heart simply broke as I sat there listening her and hearing how she didn't feel that she had even one person in her life who she could authentically be herself and have that true friendship with. I wished that I could've said more to her, but my mind completely drew a blank with words so I decided to just let the Holy Spirit take it from here and I just prayed with her. Later that day I was talking about it with my husband at home and he connected very strongly with how this young girl felt. He said, "Next time you should tell her not to focus on searching to find friends but rather becoming that true friend first. Have her become the best person she can be, the one she was created to be and those true friends will be drawn to that and they will find her." This really rang true to me as well. Growing up I had this desire to be noticed and to have friends that I would just go out and try to get into any group I could. Many times that would lead me to settling for mediocre or unhealthy friendships instead of being patient and waiting for the true, authentic friendships. The more I started working on myself and striving to become a Saint, the more I noticed how those friendships I sought out would fall apart. It was the friendships that somehow found me that were the ones who stayed and flourished. Don't let yourself get caught up in the search. My sisters in Christ who are the closest to my heart and dearest in my life, are the ones that I did not go out and find but one day God simply placed them on my path. As Catholic Speaker Sarah Swafford likes to say, "Run to Christ first, and when you find that you are running at a good pace then look to your left and right and see who is running beside you." Walking Together, Sandra

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