Asking "Why?"

I suck letting go of control. I always need to know what is going on, why this is happening, and always want to understand everything. If I am stuck in a situation where I feel that loss of control or I can't figure out that why I become overwhelmed with anxiety and fear.

My trust in God has been something I have been working on and struggling with for as long as I know. There are moments when I am able to get to that peace of "God, I know you are holding this and I can let go." But there are other moments where I hold on for dear life worried that if I let go everything will fall apart.

As I was reflecting on this I started to ask myself this question: "Do I always need to understand the why in a situation order to be able to embrace it or grow from it."

The answer to that...is no.

Sometimes God will show us the why and bring that understanding, IF He knows we need it. But sometimes knowing it won't change anything.

We are definitely in a time with a lot of unknowns, a lot of questions, a lot of confusion, a lot of asking "why?" Maybe one day we will get those answers, but there is also the possibility that we won't. And you know what...that's ok too.

Sometimes we spend more time trying to figure something out, and we miss that opportunity to be able to embrace it. We can spend hours on end searching the news or the latest articles with the hope of getting some answers, but then we miss this very unique opportunity we have been given. Many of us probably haven't been able to have this much time alone with our families or even with ourselves. Many of us may not get time like this again.

Will you embrace this time?

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