And He is greater still

Did you know that you don't actually NEED to feel anxious?

It may seem like a silly question because we know that don't NEED to feel anxious. However, if I am constantly responding with anxiety, chances are that, on some level, I believe that this is the only way to respond.

Let me start off by saying that emotions, like fear, are neither bad nor good, they are simply meant to show us something. However, if most of our days are filled with fear, then we no longer know what is a healthy fear and what is the result of our minds working overtime. The influx of messages is too much for us! When we are constantly operating out of fear, we become miserable.

Not needing to respond with angst means that there are other options for responding. As logical as this is, it blows my mind. The fact that it feels revolutionary to me shows me how much of my life has been spent responding in fear. I got so used to responding this way that I didn't see how unhealthy it was and what it was doing to my body, mind, and soul. I couldn't imagine responding in any other way.

This is why awareness is half the battle… knowing that there are other options, being aware of my current response patterns and acknowledging the effects of these patterns, helps me pause and choose a different path.

Overall, observing our behaviors and responses to situations can help us uncover a lot about what we believe and what lies in our hearts. It also gives us the power to make intentional decisions.

We are always telling ourselves something. Tell yourself something long enough and you'll start living based on this belief. So whether we give ourselves encouraging messages or discouraging messages, matters.

For the next week choose a few encouraging bible verses for yourself and some affirmations that you can use in place of fearful and anxious thoughts. Be generous in using them, applying them as often as you need to.

God does the healing, but He needs us to put in the footwork. Be gentle yet assertive with yourself and trust His process. He will never leave you so learn to put your trust in Him.

"I'm not gonna fear the storm, You are greater than it's roar"

Peace Be Still by Lauren Daigle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBzg4B3_yS8

The Language of Letting Go, Melody Beattie

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