Amazingly Unique

Your story is not someone else's story and vice versa.

I had a conversation with some of my girlfriends this weekend, and we were sharing life stories and the way that God worked in our lives. And what I noticed is how differently things happened in my life, verse the life of my friends. Each of us a has very unique story that is specific to us. It cannot be remade to look like someone else's or adapted to fit into this perfect box of what life is suppose to look like.

For many years, I spent my life chasing other people's story. I wanted the ideal partner, the ideal home, the cute puppy dog and the house filled with kids. I also wished that I hadn't gone through some of my experiences and past hurts. But as I reflected upon this, I thought about how significant my story was. It was so uniquely different from that of any of my friends.

That's the amazing thing about having God as the author of our story. We each have a different way of showcasing His work. Each one of our stories, was made to paint this beautiful picture of God working in this world.

I want you to take some time today and reflect about how your story is so different from that of those around you. Thank God for those differences because that is what makes you so infinitely different from everyone else.

As God works to write the next page in your book of life, see the beauty in it and always appreciate how amazingly unique you are.

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