Allow yourself to feel, but also to let go

In the last little while, I have been thinking a lot about how I process emotions and hurt feelings. As an introvert, I tend to go into my emotions and think it through and just allow myself to experience things. Not always does that work in my favour. Sometimes it can lead to overthinking, building things up in my head and just getting more upset over a situation than I should let it.

I saw a quote recently that really got me thinking more about this;

"I must process hurt through the filter of God's love, not the tangled pieces of my heart." (Lysa TerKeurst)

This spoke to me because our emotions are so clouded by our own past traumas that sometimes it's hard to look past what happened to see things as they truly are. We can get upset and heated in a moment, or deeply hurt when the other individual never intended for us to feel this way.

When we approach things with the filter of God's love, we look at things with a different understanding. We approach the other in a merciful way. In relationships, we can make the choice to continue to provide unconditional love, as God give us even when we mess up. We are continually forgiven by God, no matter how terrible of a thing we have done.

This is the way that we should be approaching those in our lives that hurt us. *(I am not stating that marital/relationship abuse is okay, far from it! If this is what you are experiencing please seek the help that you need.)*

We need to be like Christ in our relationships, and allow forgiveness to flow freely from us. Don't let your emotions dictate you. Allow yourself to feel, but also to let go.

Praying for you.

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