Allow your faith to take off your blinders

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you just stopped and thought to yourself....How did this all happen? How on earth am I here?

I definitely have, and more than once.

Sometimes they were really breathtaking situations that I couldn't fully grasp or understand because it was something I only dreamed about. Other times it wasn't the greatest and I wondered how I got myself into such a mess.

I want to focus on the latter today. It's so easy to see God's hand in the good unexpected situations. Things just fall right into place and everything just flows. But the messy unexpected situations...well those are harder to see God in. They are harder...because we are blind in those moments.

As I am writing this, I thought about one of the daily Gospel readings from last week. It was about Jesus healing two blind men. And there is that famous quote, "Your faith has healed you"/"Let it be done to you according to your faith."

Our faith can help us take off those blinders so that we can see God's hand in ANY situation.

Yes you might feel like you are in a mess. Yes you might feel like you fell again. Yes you maybe never expected something like this would happen to you.

But think of it this way...

What if God allowed you to be in this situation because He knows there is a greater blessing that you will receive from it? What if God knew this was the only way you would be able to grow in a particular virtue or grow even closer to becoming the saint He has called you to be?

God doesn't cause or wills that bad things happen. He is all good therefore He cannot cause evil. But evil is a reality of our lives and sometimes He permits them to happen because He knows there will be a greater good that will result from it in the end (CCC 312).

Whatever situation you may feel that you are stuck in, allow your faith to take off your blinders so that you can see how God wants to chisel and strengthen you through this.

Walking Together,

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