Allow them to sanctify you instead!

Catholic Women's Group Published by Sandra Wojcik · Augustt dSsipo2h4uStd,ornsg o2ridnenrdf020 · We know all to well what it's like when someone is getting on your nerves. Sometimes we are able to react in a calmer way, but there are other times when we get pushed to a new level of frustration. There can be so many reasons as to why certain people get on our nerves. It can be certain traits or habits that trigger us, it can be we are reminded of a different situation that frustrated us before, or it could be just the simple fact that something is annoying in that moment. The reason why I feel is important, but what I have found to be more important is how we react in those moments. Yes sometimes we can react without full awareness or control, but this is something we can work towards. The minute we bring our awareness to our natural reactions in certain situations we are able to choose how we react. I was randomly scrolling through my news feed and I happen to come across this quote from St. Josemaria Escriva: "Dont say: 'that person gets on my nerves,' think: 'that person sanctifies me.'" I don't know about you but hearing that was like a good wake up call. We are all striving to become saints and God always will place people on our path to help us get there. Sometimes they are meant to walk with us and lift us up, and other times they are meant to bring awareness to areas in our lives that need more work or virtues we need to develop. Think about how fruitful those situations would be if we were to approach them in this light. Instead of sitting in stress and aggravation we find peace and are able to take that one step closer to sainthood. Bring your awareness today to someone who has been getting on your nerves recently and make the change to allow them to sanctify you instead! Walking Together,

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