Allow Him to help you find your new harmony and give you the strength to keep singing

I finally got my piano at home and I realized how much I missed playing music. Music has this way of making you pause sometimes. It has always been a special outlet for me, and a way of helping me reflect on different parts of my life. I was brought back to one of my older reflections a few years back that I wanted to share with you ladies once again

- January 8, 2018 -

Picture this scenario for a minute with me: You are sitting at home, maybe on your bed or on the couch, sipping a nice hot tea or coffee, with a beautiful song playing in the background. Maybe it's a song that stirs your heart, or the most incredible symphony that you've heard. As you completely immerse yourself into the music all of a sudden the melody completely changes, or the rhythm of the song switches. It completely throws you off, maybe startles you that you spill your tea on yourself. It starts aggravating you because it completely takes away from that initial beauty and feeling that you had. You can't take it and you start to reach for the remote to change the song...


How many times do you feel like your life is a beautiful song. You find yourself in a moment of beauty and peace and you are completely immersed in it's melody. Each instrument is inn perfect harmony and totally in-sync. Then out of nowhere, you get a curve-ball thrown at you and it changes the melody, or switches to a completely different tone. Maybe it's a struggle in a job, or an obstacle you are facing in your relationship or friendship, maybe it's an unexpected event that happened. Our initial reaction is always to run and change to a new song, change our situation.

Before you do...PAUSE.

Take a moment to bring your feet back on the ground and invite God into this moment. Yes sometimes we do need to go and change that song because it is no longer right for us...but sometimes we just need to find a new harmony and sing along. God is the most incredible composer. He can create a beautiful symphony out of anything. He makes ALL THINGS NEW! Allow Him to help you find your new harmony and give you the strength to keep singing.

Find your harmony dear sisters.

Walking Together,

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