Allow God to mold you

We can get so caught up in exactly what we have chosen to do, or not do, during Lent but forget to look deeper. Father Francis Salasiar C.S.C. explains that "these acts [of penance] do not stand on their own but only have meaning if they deepen our relationship with God".

Father Francis challenges us further saying that even if we are sticking to our Lenten promise but cannot show kindness to the ones closest to us "then what kind of penances are we doing?"

This is not to say that if things aren't perfect, there's no point in doing what we're doing. The purpose here is for us to observe what is happening and make changes where necessary.

To take from a question that Fr Francis asks us: "Am I just following rules without seeing their deeper, spiritual value?"

Whatever it is that you are doing during this Lenten season, question the motivation behind your choice of fasting. You do not need to judge the intention as good or bad. If it is not where you desire, if it is not to bring you closer to Christ, go to Christ with that. He will not judge you but will guide you.

It is true that you can't force a change of heart, but a change of heart can happen over time and through our cooperation with God's grace. Keep your desired intention in mind and never cease to pray. Allow God to mold you, as the person in the photo molds the clay at hand.

"May the spirit of God work in us to lead us to bear the fruit of [Lent]"


Reading (Matthew 5: 17-19): 7:44 - 8:50

Sermon: 9:00 - 15:45


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