All Make a Difference

As I get older, the more it seems that each year just flies by. Cliche? Maybe. But it's true. With time passing, many changes come. Some of these changes we don't even have time to process. Some of them may be small ones, but if we really took a moment to look back we'd see just what a huge impact they really have had on our lives. The big ones leave an imprint on our lives forever. Perhaps this year you have moved, finished school, gotten a new job, got married, went through a hard break-up, experienced the loss of a loved one, got very sick, gave birth, bought a house. Or perhaps none of the above. You may think that nothing has changed, but look back to this time last year. Where were you? What were you doing? Who did you have around you? Who were your closest friends? What were you feeling? Small changes, big changes all make a difference in our lives each year. So often we keep looking to tomorrow forgetting to appreciate each blessing in this current moment, right now. No matter what, our lives have plenty of graces that should be acknowledged for we never know what the next year will bring. So, today, let us thank God for this past year of 2019 and may we ask for Him to bless us in 2020. No matter what it may hold, may we know that we do not walk alone. We have the King of the world guiding us by the hand, walking by our side (always). May 2020 be a blessed one! With love, Kasia

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