Act as if He was your only option... until that is what He becomes

God knows us better than anyone else does because He's the one who created us. Who better to know the masterpiece than its Author? How is it then that we often go to Him only after we've exhausted all other options?

Perhaps we go elsewhere because we doubt that He can satisfy our needs. Jackie Hill Perry brings a helpful perspective when it comes to the impact doubts can have on our lives when they go unexamined. She explains that "the area where you are disobedient is a manifestation of what you don't believe about God" (1). No reason to beat ourselves up for our shortcomings, but definitely a good reason to reflect on our true beliefs.

Does Jackie's quote speak to you? If so, what is it showing you?

What would your day, today, look like if you believed that God would be all that you need? How would you talk to yourself? How would you treat others?

Today, whether you feel excited or are ready to yell at someone else or anything in between or seemingly nothing at all, go to Him first. Share with Him and ask for His advice before you go to anyone else. Go on a prayer walk with Him, and allow Him to move through you.

Give Him your full attention and as open of a heart as possible. Act as if God is your only option and observe how this approach impacts your interactions with Him.

Believe that He can and that He will, not in your time, but in His. Pay attention not to what is happening around you necessarily, but to how He is working in Your heart (2).

Be gentle and honest with yourself on your journey.

Rooting for you,


(1) Jackie Hill Perry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWqAdElTf9k&t=1624s

(2) Abide - Christian Meditation App (highly recommend!): https://abide.co/

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