A Relationship with God

I was praying with a young girl recently and when I asked if she had something on her heart that she wanted to pray for she started to describe this feeling of abandonment by God and having moments where she questions if He is even there. What struck me was her fear in feeling that. She instantly went into feeling guilty and afraid to be honest about what she felt in her heart. I smiled, because I could relate to her so much when I was her age. I always felt that I can't tell God that I have questions about something or that I sometimes feel like He isn't there. I felt like it was wrong of me to even have those feelings, maybe even sinful. After years of talking to many priests about it, I have been able to grow and realize even more what it truly means to have a relationship with God. Think about your relationship with your best friend or spouse. One very important element in what makes those relationships work is honesty. It's ok to sit that person down and just be open about how you felt. More than not, that person is thankful for your courage to be open with them because maybe it sheds light on something they can work on or change. In the end, the relationship grows in love and healing instead of guilt and resentment. Our relationship with God is no different. On a bit of a humourous tone, God already knows that you feel that way so it's not like this will be a shock to Him. So why even tell Him if He knows? My dear sisters, there is healing in the honesty of being open with someone. When we voice our feelings, we are able to call them by name and that gives us the opportunity to heal them and channel them in a healthier way. You cannot heal something if you don't call it out first. God desires our honesty. Why? Because it means we trust Him enough to be that open with Him. Don't be afraid to let Him in on how you feel at times in your heart. Let those feelings out to Him and allow them to be placed at the foot of the cross where they can be healed and redeemed. Walking Together, Sandra

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