A place for Christ

"Do you have a space at home where you meet Christ?"

I was sitting in spiritual direction years ago and that question completely stumped me. Usually when I prayed I was by my bed or in the car but I never had this space where this was where I would meet Christ everyday. I always just assumed I met Him everywhere and anywhere.

While this assumption is true, my director really gave me something to think about. In my house I had a place where I sleep, a place where I cook, and a place where I meet with my family to sit down to eat or spend time. So if everyone in my family could have a place in our home, why can't I make a place for Christ?

If we reflect back to what happened during the time of Jesus' birth...there was no place for Him. All He had was what was left over, but no place at the inn.

This was the starting drive that pulled me to create a prayer corner. I decided to re-arrange my room and chose a spot where I would always meet Christ. I found a nice arm chair and night stand that I decorated with a candle, a crucifix and had a statue of Mary. I put all my prayer devotionals there, my bible and journals. This turned into my place where I would have morning coffee with Jesus and start my day, or come to Him when I was struggling with something or just wanted to talk.

At first I was excited about this new space, but then I realized what the real purpose behind that was. Every time I passed by it and was in a rush or was just overwhelmed with the tasks of the day I would see this empty chair and hear this voice in the depth of my heart, "Will you come spend a moment with me today? Will you come and meet me for a minute?"

It wasn't just a pretty place, but it served as a reminder to always come and meet Christ no matter how slow or how crazy my day was.

I really encourage you ladies to find your own place in your home where you go and meet with Christ!

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