A Mother's Heart

A few weeks ago, I went through a very intense surgery and it has been really hard on my body to be able to do everyday ordinary tasks. But it was also an opportunity for me to give up some of the control that I like to have on my life and to allow others to help me. These last three weeks, my mom has been my superhero. She has been there for me, to help me do simple things like put on my socks, help me to wash my hair, take walks with me, to cook for me and even nurse my wounds. As I watched her, it amazed me to see a mother's heart constantly at work. The unconditional love for me, her child, who although may be grown, needed her. It made me think of how God loves us. A mother's heart mirrors God's heart, in the way that He sees us and the way that He cares for us His children. When we are hurting, God never turns away. He is there to heal our brokenness, to pour out His grace and love upon us. He is there waiting for us to call to Him when we need His help. Sometimes, you just have to let go of the control that you have on life to ask for His help and to lean on Him. Praying for you all. In Christ, Diana

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