A feeling of trust.

Whenever I thought of hope, I always thought of someone who was positive and optimistic. Sure, it seems like a good quality to have but if that is the only aspect that defines hope it seems a bit surface level still. It can seem naive and easily pushed around.

Hope is one of the theological virtues, which means that it has to be something deeper than just being positive.

Ironically, I decided to see what Google sent me as a definition (just out of curiosity). It posted things like, "a desire of an expectation", "confidence in an expectation of something to happen." But it also gave me another definition, "a feeling of trust."

This was the depth I was missing! Trust! You cannot have hope without trust.

When we love someone, whether it is a spouse, family member or friend, it means we have a level of trust with them. We trust them enough to take care of us and to always be there for us. That feeling of trust brings about hope when things get rough. It can be a hope that even if you get into a fight it won't break your friendship, or if you make a mistake you won't be left alone by your family.

It's knowing that you stand on a stronger foundation that won't be shaken.

So what is hope then? Trust in our Beloved Father.

That act and feeling of trusting God brings about hope which can guide us in difficult times. When we trust God, trust in His providence and trust that He will always provide, we can have hope that even if things get difficult...we will always make it through!

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