Who are we?

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The CWG Team


Kasia Ryba



Kasia was raised in a Catholic home and grew up with a deep love for the rosary. She went through a difficult time in her life that left her questioning her faith and her relationship with God. Kasia ended up going to a Young Adult Retreat through Youth Teams of Our Lady in December 2012, which completely changed her life. During her time in YTOL, Kasia took on several leadership roles within the movement, animator and National Topics Coordinator from 2016-17. It was also through YTOL that she met her now husband, Dominic. Together, they belong to Teams of Our Lady (TOOL) for the Catholic marriage formation and community and are the couple for a YTOL High School team. Kasia holds a degree in Psychology and a postgraduate degree in Human Resources Management. Kasia worked in human resources but God called her to pursue a job as the Program Director for a young adult ministry in Toronto. Kasia loves her work with young adults and has spoken at various retreats and prayer group meetings, in hopes of her witness inspiring anyone that may hear it. Kasia loves reading about the lives of the saints and spiritual books. She has a deep love for Eucharistic adoration and the Holy Mass, in which she experiences the profound presence of Christ on a supernatural level. These are the ways she grows in her faith and indulges in the deep riches of the Catholic Church.


“Young adult ministry and sisterhood have been very meaningful in my journey. The two, combined, have had the ability to change the direction of my life. When everything felt like it was spiraling out of control, strong bonds with like-minded, Catholic women, helped ground me and bring meaning to my faith and my life like never before. Because of this, I am incredibly passionate about community founded on faith. It truly has the ability to move mountains (in other words, do the impossible!).” - Kasia


 Diana was raised in a Catholic Polish home and was always very active in her Church community and adamant spreading the message of God. Diana started out in youth ministry in 2006, when she attended her first high school retreat with Youth Teams of Our Lady (YTOL). She was very active in the movement and eventually became the National Responsible of Canada. Diana has a passion for bringing others to Christ through her ministry work. Diana joined the CWG organizing team in July of 2016. Since then she has been a blogger, a team leader and her current role is Online Projects Coordinator. Diana is passionate about her role because it is an opportunity to reach women around the world, to help them fall in love with the Lord. Diana enjoys sharing her witness of faith and what God has done in her life. Diana has a great devotion to our Lady and loves to pray the rosary. She has about 10 rosaries in her apartment. (Kidding, might be closer to 20)

Diana currently works as a Speech Therapist for the school board in Muskoka Ontario,.


" What I love about this ministry is the fact that I can touch the life of someone around the world. Social media allows us to connect in ways that haven't been possible in the past. It's amazing that we can use it as a tool to evangelize." -Diana 


Diana Nega

Online Projects Coordinator



Sandra grew up in a Polish Catholic home and first started being involved in the Church by joining her parish children’s choir in 2001. In March of 2007, she attended her first high school retreat with Youth Teams of Our Lady (YTOL) and took on more leadership roles within the movement, along with being on the National Secretariat as the Events Coordinator for many years. You will most commonly find Sandra with a cup of coffee in her hand or dancing to a song stuck in her head. She has a huge passion for ministry and in May of 2017 made the decision to change her career from Massage Therapy to full-time Ministry. Sandra joined CWG in June of 2016 as a core team member and blogger. Currently, Sandra is finishing her Masters of Theological Studies at St. Augustine’s Seminary and Toronto School of Theology at UofT and works as a Retreat Speaker and Musician for HopeStone Catholic Formation Inc. She is incredibly passionate about St. John Paul II’s teachings on Theology of the Body and has her Basic Theology of the Body Certificate through Sacred Heart College.


“At the core of ministry, is always the person. Each person has their own story that is calling out to be heard and a heart thirsting to be loved. Every person I meet is always an opportunity for an encounter and a connection to share God’s love, reminding them that their value is unchanging because it comes from the love God has for us.” -Sandra


Sandra Wojcik

Conference Coordinator


Magdalena works with individuals who have autism and really enjoys learning about human behaviour. She is passionate about bringing women together and strengthening their self-worth, while continuously striving to fall in love Christ. She was raised by two Polish immigrants, who valued their relationship with Christ above all else. Because of the endless amount of fruits they received from having a relationship with Christ, they wanted Magdalena to have that relationship too. Magdalena went through a difficult period in her faith and had no interest in her faith. When she moved away for university, she no longer attended mass and stumbled along her own path. However, the efforts of her parents did not go to waste. After being unable to cope with her eating disorder, (from which she continues to recover) she decided to join Youth Teams of Our Lady (YTOL). Magdalena has been a co-animator within YTOL for a few years now and knows that YTOL was a huge blessing in her life. Coming from a life filled with impurity, Magdalena’s heart was very drawn to the beauty found within the teachings on chastity. Seeing how important community was, Magdalena started looking for strong, faith-filled women and eventually found a place for herself within Catholic Women’s Group (CWG), a group that she admired from afar years prior to. She is now part of the core team and is super excited to see what God wants to do through CWG!


"I need you, you need me and we all need Christ" -Magda



Magda Terlecka

Retreat Coordinator