Our Sisterhood

Why did we start CWG?

The ministry was first thought of in 2015 when Kasia was seeking to develop deeper friendships with other Catholic women in the city. Through her own experience in life, she knew that sometimes all it took was one person who could help shift your life in the right direction; the strong bonds of sisterhood have the ability to do that. In 2016 Kasia teamed up with other women to create CWG. Now, almost three years later, the group consists of four core team members who work hard to put out daily content that is relevant to women all around the world. They also strive to bring together women from the Greater Toronto Area with events like conferences, retreats, and social gatherings. CWG has been a great blessing in their lives and the team hopes as time moves forward, the group will be able to make a difference in many women’s lives. 

Our Mission

Catholic Women's Group aspires to embrace femininity, protect purity, inspire hope, develop courage, walk fearlessly in faith together and spread the love of our Lord in a peaceful and passionate community of Sisters in Christ.

Our Logo

Our logo was designed to remind women of who they are. We as women are daughters of the King. We often forget this, so the 'W' in our logo is incorporated into the crown to remind all women that they are royalty,

the Daughters of the King of King.  


We want to be a part of Your Journey towards Christ.




We are here to help encourage you through the Gospel, Personal Reflections & Teachings of the Church.


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